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  • Quicker time to Market (shorter and lower shipping cost)
  • No import duty to the US (CAFTA)
  • Same time zone (important for communication)
  • Less chances for labor rate increase pressures for the future
  • Duty free imports of all raw materials and equipment.
  • 100% exempt from any local taxes.
  • 100% repatriation of profits in any currency without the intervention of the Central Bank.
  • 100% foreign ownership allowed (min 2 shareholders)
  • Only modern port with roll-on roll-off facilities.
  • Only port approved by Home Land Security (no shipping delays)
  • Superb infrastructure such as 4-lane highways from factory to port.
  • Half of electric power is generated by Hydro Electric (less dependent on fuel)
  • Low cost of electricity
  • Ample qualified labor for your type of work
  • Large pool of qualified bilingual college educated labor for management positions.
  • One of the longest histories of democratic elected governments.


  • Apparel
  • Electronic Components (Switches, Fans, Motors)
  • Electrical Assemblies (Wire Harnesses, Instruments)
  • Appliances (Refrigerators, A/C's, Heaters)
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Products
  • Toys
  • Boats (Sail and Power)
  • Wooden Products (Furnitures, Ornaments)
  • Leather Goods (Shoes, Bags)
  • Any Labor intensive Assemblies from any Industry
  • Aluminum Windows & Doors


  • Call Centers
  • Service Centers
  • Global Operation Centers and Headquarters
  • Tourism
  • Project Investments


CABC S.A. will assist your firm in the following areas.

  • Planning of project.
  • Selecting the most suitable contractor
  • Forming the offshore manufacturing company as a Honduran corporation.
  • Securing the financial resources.
  • Selecting some key personnel for the supervision and labor training.
  • Research of the offshore manufacturing site.
  • Negotiations of the lease for the factory space or planning to build own factory space in a Free Zone.
  • Assembly of local resources and location of materials for production.
  • Shipping of the necessary materials such as tooling, equipment and parts.
  • Acquiring the local materials.
  • Recruiting and training of the local labor force (Management and workers).
  • Starting with the manufacturing of the easiest components. During this period the local labor force will be trained.

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