We are receiving many clients, unhappy about the rapid changes they are experiencing in China! +20% Cost Increase!

Before you move your manufacturing to China please investigate the opportunities we offer in Honduras, much closer to the US market. You will be able to ship a container in 3 days to the US duty-free verses 3-4 weeks from China including duty and tariffs.

Here is a list of facts you should know about Honduras before you move to China:

  • Quicker time to Market (shorter and lower shipping cost)
  • Lower cost on Inventory (goods arrive in the US in 3 Days)
  • No import duty to the US (CAFTA)
  • No fear that your product may be copied
  • Same time zone (important for communication)

Here is a list of recent negative changes in China

  • The Chinese government stopped export subsidy
  • Raw materials in China are increasing at a double digit rate
  • There is tremendous pressure to increase the workers salaries
  • There is a pressure to protect the environment which costs money
  • The Chinese due to international pressure are starting to regulate their currency according to the markets
  • The fuel cost increases have a negative impact on shipping cost

China is loosing its price advantages at a very fast pace. We are receiving more requests for Honduras from companies using factories in China than from new offshore manufacturers.

Please click the "MANUFACTURING IN HONDURAS" link above to learn more.

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