SANDA Single Knit Machines can be changed easily from Single Jersey to Terry to Velour to Three Thread Fleece and back by interchanging a couple of components. This fact alone should make you think seriously to settle for nothing but the best. SANDA has proven itself to offer the best return on investment period.

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With 120 units per month, SANDA is today the leading manufacturer of knitting machines world wide. The performance and innovations of our machines is giving our clients maximum profitability and all of them are sharing our own success.

The new norm in circular and
open width knitting now
available in Honduras!

More Fabric Choices
with a single machine!

Our circular knitting machines are available to produce open width fabric. This is achieved by slitting the tubular fabric and rolling it up immediately. This will eliminate any traces of a center crease.

A spandex yarn feeding unit can be installed on our open width models to produce high quality elastic fabric. The fabric produced can be used to produce items such as swim wear.

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