1. All components are superior alloy steel and are machined on automated equipment using CAD-CAM.
2. The machines feature three individual drive shafts and gears submerged in oil to prevent friction, vibration and noise.
3. We use Memminger, Uniwave or Shengsong Taiwan brand oil lubricators to guarantee sufficient oil sprays into the cylinder and needles for lubrication.
4. Our advanced Japanese frequency inverter will control the rotation up to high speeds seamlessly to maintain proper production control.
5. Our Cylinders are top quality steel inserts of high strength and are easily maintained.
6. All cams are special alloy steel machined on advanced CNC machining centers. This will ensure the accuracy to control the high-speed needle movements.
7. We use GROZ-BECKERT knitting needles from Germany to ensure the output of high quality fabric
8. All SUNDA machines use special designed sinkers to avoid yarn fluctuation during operation. This will prolong the service life of the sinkers, improve the production efficiency and ensures high quality knitting.
9. We use high quality positive feeders to guarantee an even supply of yarn during production.
10. Our interchangeable mechanical fabric rollers control the tension during the production. This will prolong the service life of the needles.
11. For durability all cam and sinker retainers are nickel-coated and the body frame is bake painted.
12. Our machines can be purchased with interchangeable mechanisms to allow for a wider variety of different fabric styles.
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