High Tech Free Zone
(Investment $ 20 Million)

There is an opportunity to develop an EPZ (Export Processing Zone) with factory shells and high-tech assembly buildings. The High-Tech assembly buildings will be new to Honduras and are necessary to accommodate advanced type of assemblies and manufacturing. The High-Tech buildings can also house Distribution and Call Centers. The ratio between regular factories and high-tech should be 50/50. The area for all buildings will be above 1 Million square feet. Such a park will attract new type of manufacturing, assemblies and research from industries such as Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Call and Distribution Centers and many more.

Toy Manufacturing Plant
for Wooden Toys
Investment $ 2-3 Million

Honduras has the infrastructure and availability of raw materials to become a major player in the manufacturing of wooden toys. The wooden toy industry is increasing in the US and very sizeable in Europe where buyers are paying top prices for wooden toys.

Machine Financing for new textile production plant
Investment $ 10 Million

Opportunity to finance textile machinery to produce more than 1 Million yards of fabric per month.

This are just a view of the available investments. Please contact us to consult a favorable investment for you.

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