For the past 14 years right here in Honduras, a local laboratory of Israeli origin is cultivating plants from superior clones of teak using a technology called Micropropagation.

The growing rate of those superior trees has been cut from 25 years to 12 years.

The Technology of Micropropagation

Micropropagation, is a modern bio-technology technique, utilizing plant tissue culture to allow rapid, mass multiplication of plants.
The process of micropropagation takes place in a laboratory with aseptic environmental conditions. The propagules are grown in closed vessels, on artificial, sterile growing medium, in temperature and light controlled environment.
Typically the process is carried out in three consecutive stages:

Establishment Stage

A small explant of a selected mother plant is introduced into culture.

Multiplication Stage

Cultures of stage one are transferred to media specially designed to promote mass and fast multiplication.

Elongation &
Rooting Stage

Propagules from stage two are planted on rooting media designated to promote their elongation and rooting.

The In Vitro product is a small plant that is soil, insect and disease free, and can be easily exported to countries with tight sanitary import regulations.

The strict control of the media’s composition and the rigid environmental conditions create an ideal multiplication surrounding. Consequently, comparing with the conventional techniques, a much higher multiplication rate is achieved.

Upon completion of the laboratory stages, an acclimatization (hardening) period follows. The small in vitro plants are transferred to special greenhouses in order to gradually expose them to lower humidity and higher levels of light. By the end of this stage the In Vivo plant is ready to be transferred into the nursery stage and thereafter – to be planted in the field.

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Convert a $25,000 Investment
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If you consider a 5% yearly increase for the price of teak your payback could be close to $1 Million.

  • Safe
  • Non Volatile
  • Green Investment
  • Replaces dwindling teak supplies
  • Good for Retirement or College
  • Legal for IRA
  • Social & Economical Benefits for the Locals
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Over 12 feet after only 5 months. This is unheard of in the world of forestry. Join the new revolution in this fast grow process for teak and other tropical woods.

  • Soil Preparation
  • High Quality Plants
  • Irrigation & Fertigation Systems
  • Intensive Silvicultural Management
  • Technical Assistance
  • Certification of the Plantation

All of the above requirements are in place here in Honduras.

We also work closely with the local wood working industry as well as the Honduran Export Industry. We will have no problem in converting your final product into cash.
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