The 3 Lies from Wall Street and Washington - by John Pugsley


Dear Duped-American,

Raymond Jansen woke up broke today!

Why should you care?

Raymond is a 63-year-old retired English teacher who became yet another victim of just one of Wall Street's most horrific lies. He put his life savings into garbage bonds Wall Street told him were as safe as 28 day CDs!

And literally overnight — he lost EVERYTHING.

Sound familiar?  Another hard working American who did everything he was supposed to. Only to end up with nothing because he was lied to.  By “experts” he THOUGHT HE COULD TRUST.

Wall street executives collecting tens of millions of dollars. Politicians living lives of power and privilege. And honest folks like Raymond are forced to struggle in a future of uncertainty. 

It's a damned outrage!

Well, I don't want you to suffer the same fate.  That's why I'm writing...

Because Wall Street and Washington are currently spreading three lies that threaten to financially crush those who are unfortunate enough to take them at face value. Three tales that have been told, sold and swallowed by most Americans who just don't get it. 

I'm writing to you because I suspect you're not like most people.  Because I believe you have an open mind. And can look at the truth and decide for yourself what is best for your future. 

And because I don't want you to become a victim of...

Their greedy lies!

My name is John Pugsley and in my over 40 years as an economic and political writer and analyst, I've seen more than my fair share of disasters like these. 

But this is not a history lesson.

Instead I want to expose the lies they're spreading RIGHT NOW. And show you the unthinkable consequences they could have on your wealth and future.

LIE #1:
The Banking Industry is Sound...
And Your Money is Safe

“Our banking system is a safe and sound one...[the increasing number of troubled banks] is a very manageable situation...our regulators are focused on it.”
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson

“Overall, banks are quite safe and sound.”
FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair

Since 2007 – and as of this writing – 18  banks in the U.S. have failed. The government says that's not a problem. They claim banks are sound and that the FDIC is insuring your assets.
But the reality of the situation is that hundreds of billions in capital has been frozen in the credit crisis. That means banks can't get money to borrow, lend or COVER YOUR DEPOSITS. In other words, they can't do business as usual. And that is not the hallmark of a sound banking system.

How safe IS your money
with the FDIC insuring it?

To reassure the public, the FDIC took out a massive publicity campaign this past summer. They pointed out that no depositor has ever lost a penny while they've been in charge. They say they've got you covered. The truth of the matter is, they don't.

Why not?

Because the FDIC only has total assets of $45.2 billion  to cover depositors accounts. They have lines of credit with the Treasury and other sources up to $70 billion. All together that's $115.2 billion

But here's the reality they're not telling you. As I write this, they're insuring roughly $4.5 TRILLION  of depositor money (with plans to more than double that)! That means they have about TWO AND A HALF PERCENT of insured deposits in reserve.

And that could be depleted faster than you can say “bank run.”IndyMac – a recently failed bank – drained nearly $9 billion of the FDIC's funds to cover its insured depositors. Had not Washington Mutual been sold to a private bank, they would have cost the FDIC another $24 billion alone.

The FDIC is walking a tightrope of insolvency – WITHOUT A NET. Can you see how fast this “insurance fund” could go belly up? Another handful of failures and we could be living back in the 1930s.

The reality of this lie...

Politicians and bank executives want you to believe banks are sound.  And that there is a magic safety net protecting all your money. But the reality is, if you have money on a banks balance sheet right now it may not be safe as you think. 

One or two more bailouts could lead to an avalanche of failures that go unprotected. Ones that could leave depositors without access to their money for weeks, months and even years. Or even worse. Completely insolvent. 

Understanding this truth now, you can continue to trust the FDIC. Or you can take simple, alternative actions to protect your capital in the event of virtually ANY crisis.

LIE #2:
Strong Dollar Lip Service...
Weak Dollar Policy

For years now, every government official with a soapbox has preached a “strong dollar policy” for the United States.

"A strong dollar is clearly in our nation's interest..."
U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson

“This government is for a strong dollar…”
President George W. Bush

“The Federal Reserves commitment...ensuring that the dollar remains a strong and stable currency.”
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

But their ACTIONS have crushed the dollar and betrayed this outright lie....

Out of control deficit spending on sweetheart pork deals, social entitlements and other governmental giveaways promises to increase our $9.6 trillion debt by another $2.3 trillion!

Then add in the other IOUs they don't want you to remember – like Social Security and Medicare.  They've bankrupted our country into nearly a $70 trillion hole...

My friend, if a country's currency is like a share of stock in a company, we are the “United States of Lehman Brothers.”

And now they're going to put their spending into overdrive. By bailing out the greedy, irresponsible banks and CEOs that have brought this crisis upon us. They'll get a free pass. But in the name of saving “main street”...

...They're mortgaging YOUR FUTURE!

They're going to ratchet up the dollar printing presses. They're going to inflate the money supply perhaps like never before. And that is going to change all the rules for you...

Because flooding the economy with more worthless dollars actually SHRINKS YOUR SAVINGS. It eats away at your wealth. Unnoticed. Until - that is - you need your money. 

That means if you EVER plan to retire, you may need double or even triple what you expected when you began saving. 

And I don't just mean 20 years from now...Even if you started planning 10, 20 or even 30 years AGO, the government was already at it. Draining the purchasing power out of your savings.

A dollar today is worth nearly HALF of what it was only 2 decades ago. But now this bailout will continue to devalue your dollars even faster. 

It's a MASSIVE, INVISIBLE TAX they've levied upon your savings and your future. Without your permission - without your knowledge. 

Think about what that does to you. You work hard. You save. You take responsibility and plan for your future. You play by the rules. But then when you actually need your savings, it’s a fraction of what you expected. You can't plan when the government changes the rules like this.  

Your dollars have been depleted. You can't afford to retire. Invisibly taxed away. By the inflation the government's “strong dollar policy” has caused.

See through the lies and insulate your
wealth from their “strong dollar” lie

Now is the time to take action against the government's lies that would spend your future to pay for their mistakes today.

I want to show you how to protect your wealth and your future from all these lies in a series of special reports. Reports written by a group of the best, most independent researchers on earth. Analysts and editors who aren't beholden to companies, CEOs or political fat cats. 

Who aren't afraid to tell the truth when it must be told. Whose only mission is to help you make money. And then make sure that money is protected from the forces that would drain it.

LIE #3:
Foreign Capital and Sovereign Wealth Funds
Don't Pose a Threat to Our Economic System

"I think that's quite constructive and I think that we should be
open to allowing that kind of investment."  
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

“...there is no doubt that sovereign wealth funds are growing in size and number and are making increasingly significant investments in financial services organizations worldwide.”
Federal Reserve Board General Counsel Scott Alvarez

"As we seek to open new markets abroad, America will keep our markets open at home
to investment from private firms and from sovereign wealth funds."

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson

You know the government has spent our country into oblivion. And the only way to keep funding their spending is to borrow. And for years they have looked overseas for investors to purchase our debt. 

But things are beginning to change. Today these Sovereign Wealth Funds are buying far more than securities. They're buying businesses who are crippled by the credit crisis. They're buying banks. Real estate. You name it, they have a hand in it.

The price of foreign money

These Sovereign Wealth Funds are making massive investments here in the U.S. The China Investment Corporation (CIC) had recently been in talks with Morgan Stanley to buy up to 49%  of the investment bank. Nearly A MAJORITY INTEREST in one of our oldest financial institutions.

Other New York banks are also busy selling minority shares to foreign funds. There have been major capital infusions from both Middle East and Russian funds, among others. Why is this so troubling? One word.


In financing so much of our economic engine, these sovereign funds could easily gain influence over U.S. economic decisions. Where and to whom financial institutions could lend money. Where businesses should build factories. Where they should set up R&D facilities. How they should structure their investments...

The potential dangers are truly staggering.

The thought that foreign entities could control the purse strings of our country is a clear and present danger. Countries, like China, are not neutral investors in their own markets, why should we expect them to be neutral in ours?

Profiting from a shift in supremacy

This wholesale sell-out to foreign powers will not come without consequences. Those in power are saying there's nothing to worry about.

I believe THEY'RE WRONG.

The sovereignty of the United States could hang in the balance.

And with it, the global financial supremacy of the U.S. Remember Great Britain was once the greatest military and economic power in the world. Until it became a great debtor to the U.S...

The U.S. is now the largest debtor in the world. And the world could cash in at anytime.

And as global financial powers shift, you need to know exactly what dangers they present to you. You need to know where the best and safest opportunities lie.