We can assist the serious investor with many excellent and lucrative investments in Honduras.
One of the top rated investments is in Productive Forestry Plantations (PFP). The trees are cultivated from superior clones of species such as Teak and Others. This non volatile investment opportunity will return a sustained 20% plus per year for total duration of 12 years.

An other option is Biomass and Bio-Diesel. The above investments are Green Investments and benefit our environment by reducing the global carbon levels (CO2). CABC will introduce soon the lowest cost solution for Wind Mill Power.

Many new projects in real estate and tourism are opening up.

Manufacturing and Business Process Outsourcing are also attractive solutions for investors. Most of those investments will be free of any taxes in Honduras.

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Honduras is a safe emerging market with outstanding opportunities.

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CABC S.A. is now a Certified Project Advisor for the Fidelity Global Group Ltd. We can provide project loans from $10 Million and above. We do many different types of financing - more .....
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Your bank is a counterfeiter, as facilitated by the Federal Reserve System and permitted by the government that allegedly represents you.
The lie of fractional reserve banking is at the heart of our ‘banking' system. And its acceptance as fact or necessity by the world's populace is the basis on which most other economic lies and myths gain so much credibility.
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Dear Duped-American,
Raymond Jansen woke up broke today!
Why should you care?
Raymond is a 63-year-old retired English teacher who became yet another victim of just one of Wall Street's most horrific lies. He put his life savings into garbage bonds Wall Street told him were as safe as 28 day CDs!
And literally overnight — he lost EVERYTHING.

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