New Vertical Windmill

We will soon introduce a 2.5 megawatt vertical wind turbine at a cost of $900,000 per MWatt versus $1,700,000 per MWatt currently required of conventional wind turbine systems.

The vertical axis wind turbine technology improves performance and efficiency beyond ALL competitive turbines using breakthrough concepts unique to the industry:
  • A vertical windmill can be larger than horizontal axis turbines, to produce more power.
  • Can be built faster and at lower cost than conventional turbines.
  • Ultra large rotor assemblies supported aerodynamically as the rotor turns, significantly increase power generation capability in variable winds.
  • Omni-directional rotors utilize consistent wind regardless of direction or speed shifts.
  • Aerodynamic load controls mean self-starting and effective braking in high winds.
  • Linear Induction Generation replaces drive trains and gear boxes, lowering operating and maintenance costs.
Example: A 50 megawatt vertical windmill farm on a site with an average wind speed of 20 Mph, selling power at current typical rates, utilizing U.S. tax incentives and international carbon credits, with a total invested cost of $60 million, has the potential of returning $300 to $350 million to the developer over a 20 year power purchase agreement period.

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