Fidelity is an International Investment and Private Merchant Banking firm, entering its 56th year. CABC S.A. is a Certified Project Advisor in Latin America. Its various subsidiaries provide credit facilities to diverse industries on a global basis. The Fidelity is an asset-based structured Investor and not involved in venture capital or research and development projects. We recognize that due to changes in the international banking, capital and investment communities, many projects require creative funding solutions to succeed. Fidelity provides those types of solutions!


Fidelity provides project and development funding for both the Private and Government Sector for diverse industries that include the following:


Power Plants Mining Healthcare
Alternative Energy Plants Chemicals Infrastructure Loans
Telecommunications Privatization Aircraft
Nonferrous Metals Textile Plants Shipping Vessels


Fidelity provides Real Estate Financing, including Debt and Equity for the following:


Industrial Business Parks Retirement Centers
Office Buildings Retail Centers Healthcare / Hospital Facilities


Fidelity has created a unique funding solution for difficult projects that may not qualify for conventional bank funding. We provide new credit above $5 million USD for companies on a global basis that produce and export at least 60% of their production for “Export”. Commodity Offset Loans will be provided for a term of between 3 to 7 years at a negotiated rate. The collateral for the loans are export prequalified contracts that are enhanced by buyers’ Letters of Credit. Acceptable Commodity Offset contracts include crude oil, nonferrous metals, chemicals, cotton, timber, minerals, grain or sugar. We can provide up to 90% of the funding amount to the client from the loan proceeds.


Fidelity has created separate funding solutions for “substandard” or “negative” credit borrowing entities. The Fidelity will consider funding solutions for “qualified projects” when the borrower may not have investment-grade credit. It has an “interest-only” loan structure with up to 50% of the principal loan amount converted to equity at loan maturity. This “special credit facility” requires that the investor/lender receive participation of between 10% and 40% of the “profit” of any project that is accepted for funding. These projects may include real estate, telecommunications, energy projects, mining, manufacturing or the restructure of failed projects.

Examples of Projects considered:


Power Plants Telecommunications Textile Plants
Privatization Chemical Plants Pharmaceutical Plants
Alternative Energy Plants Electronic Projects  


Our Investment and Finance Division is interested in reviewing funding proposals for various conventional energy projects, alternative energy, green power, biomass, fuel cells, cogen, waste and water recycling or other enviro-friendly technologies on a global basis. Energy projects may include new software technology for the reduction of energy costs that involve natural gas, electricity, power plants or other byproducts. We will consider existing companies and expansion or new technologies with patents, especially those with enviro-friendly engineering technology. Existing energy plants requiring funds for retrofit are considered. The process of “plant permitting” may require our assistance for “unique solutions”, which also includes plant engineering insurance for efficiency.


We consider various projects on a Global basis that have failed or require new funding for turnaround. Projects may be in any of the industries described here. Non-performing Bank or Government loans, including privatization, may be acceptable for refinancing.


Fidelity structures portfolios of funds to purchase or option various products. Pre- production purchase orders can be used as collateral against advanced Letters of Credit for the manufacturing of various finished products.
Examples of commodities considered:


Pharmaceuticals Textiles Plastics
Machinery Clothing Others Considered
Electronics Hardware  


Fidelity structures unique credit facilities for refineries that produce nonferrous metals. Qualified refineries with recognized product brands will be offered credit and loans to be used for funding of new equipment or plant expansion. Fidelity also purchases under short- or long-term contracts (in excess of 1 year) large metric tonnage of various nonferrous metals at deep discount of the quoted LME.
Examples of Nonferrous Metals:


Aluminum Ingot (97.6%+ pure) Nickel Zinc
Copper Brass Magnesium


Fidelity provides credits for qualified Import/Export Companies on a Global basis. Letters of Credit from 30 to 180 days offered on various commodities. The Fidelity will provide confirmation of credit for either Exporter or Buyer, including forfeiting discount of purchase orders against both Bank and Country Risk.
Commodities considered for Import/Export Credits:


Machinery Sugar Timber
Equipment Urea Chemicals
Food Stuffs Nonferrous Metals Textiles


- The Fidelity Commerce Trust Ltd. - The Middle East Capital Group Ltd.
- Euro Fidelity Capital Group Ltd. - The South America Group Ltd.
- Asia Pacific Equity Group Ltd. - The Recovery Asset Group Ltd.
- The Euro Asset Group Ltd. - Fidelity Export Credit Corp. Ltd.
- The Sub Sahara Asset Group Ltd. - Carleton, Nobele & Royce Ltd.


We are prepared to review any qualified project funding request seeking from $10 million USD and above, including projects that have previously failed. Projects located in Central and South America, the Caribbean, North America, Central and Eastern Europe, Australia, Africa, India and Southeast Asia will be considered. Our loan packages are restructured, bundled and syndicated into the secondary capital markets.


Project Owners or Authorized Agents should send a brief Executive Summary of 3 to 5 pages, in English by e-mail to CABC S.A. Applicants should submit appropriate data on present debt, current financial operating performance, the current status of the project and technology, the collateral available, and any other initial information pertinent to the project.


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