Honduras offers an easy choice for your offshore and near shore manufacturing requirements.

Below are some of the advantages offered when you operate under the free zone law.

In Comparison to Asia:

  • Quicker time to Market (shorter and lower shipping cost)
  • No import duty to the US (CAFTA)
  • No fear that your product may be copied
  • Same time zone (important for communication)
  • Less chances for labor rate increase pressures for the future

in Comparison to other Central American and Caribbean countries:

  • Duty free imports of all raw materials and equipment.
  • 100% exempt from any local taxes.
  • 100% repatriation of profits in any currency without the intervention of the Central Bank.
  • 100% foreign ownership allowed (min 2 shareholders)
  • Only modern port with roll-on roll-off facilities.
  • Only port approved by Home Land Security (no shipping delays)
  • Superb infrastructure such as 4-lane highways from factory to port.
  • Over half of electric power is generated by Hydro Electric (less dependent on fuel)
  • Competitive cost of electricity
  • Ample qualified labor for your type of work
  • Large pool of qualified bilingual college educated labor for management positions.
  • One of the longest histories of democratic elected governments.
Puerto Cortés, Honduras, is the only deep water port in Central America, and one of the region's largest and best equipped ports. It has 24 hour service, with modern roll-on and roll-off and containerized facilities. The port's sophisticated container handling equipment ensures efficiency and competitive shipping costs to the US.
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