Buyers of Tropical Hardwood

Secure Future Supply

If you are a wood processor or a furniture maker, it makes sense to invest in your future supply of your raw material. The supply you invest in will make you more competitive in the future and will allow you to operate with a substantial profit. You will own the supply, in comparison your competitor will have to buy future wood supply at the higher market prices.

Make a deal with your clients to secure lower long term prices for their products by encouraging them to participate in this investment.

Have the professionals take care of your trees while you concentrate in making your products.

If you don't need the supply in the future because of changes in your business, you can sell your supply and walk away with a large sum of money.

Boat builders can also benefit from this program by securing future supply of Teak and Mahogany.

Some more Facts:
Plant & Harvest Tropical Hardwood from Professionally Managed Plantations.
European countries pay a premium for lumber from sustainable growth forests.
Scientific studies; Best practices.
Real prices for timber have steadily risen for more than 100 years - better performance than any other commodity.