Own Your Own Tropical Trees

We Grow Specialty Tropical Hardwoods for You.

We will select, plant, care for, and harvest your choice of specialty hardwoods on our plantations in the same professional manner that we do our own. You have title to your trees from the time they are planted in the field and recorded in your name in the Registry, until you take possession of them. You can receive green trees, or we can dry and saw your timber into lumber. We can even market the lumber and send you the proceeds.

You can get in on this great investment. We will plant and grow for you, your business, your IRA, or corporate trusts, the same treasured species of tropical hardwoods that we grow for our own account. You can choose your own specialty hardwoods, and we do all the rest.

We select, plant, care for and harvest your trees on our plantations in Honduras for up to 25 years, exactly as we do our own, in the same professional manner and with the same experienced personnel. We record and maintain a record of your trees in our Registry, stating their quantity and species, their planting year, the plantation and field where they are growing, and their exact location within the field. Your trees are also permanently identified in the field.

So if your interest is producing your own specialty hardwoods for woodworking or business, EcoLogic Tropical Hardwoods can be your source of scarce, beautiful, and valuable tropical hardwood trees!

Combine an increasing demand with a dwindling supply, and prices soar. Such is the case with specialty tropical hardwoods. What better justification for planting them to harvest for profit? Reaping benefits from this disparity is positive. Growers make handsome profits by providing quality-minded buyers with highly desirable products; as they do their part to save the natural tropical rain forests.
Growers’ gift to the world will prolong the life of tropical rain forests for generations to come. At the same time, they are growing a secure supply of lumber for their businesses, a secure retirement for themselves, or leaving a legacy for their children’s children or beneficiaries.