Invest in Natural Resources

Protect your Savings

The best investments for years to come are natural resources. Every 100 hardwoods planted yields $120,000 over the 25 year investment. Every acre planted yields 420 trees and $500,000 in 25 years. That's a 20% year-on-year return sustainable over the entire 25 years. For the past 20 years, prices for tropical hardwoods have increased 10% per year. At that rate every acre would yield $1 million and IRR would be 25%.

The financial crisis and the drop in all major stock markets makes it necessary to invest in safer and nonvolatile investments.

All this is reason to…

One, heed the recommendations to get out of most sectors of the U.S. stock market. The primary exceptions: Gold, oil and other companies or countries tied to natural resources and commodities.

Two, keep a good chunk of your funds safe in money market funds. Not long-term bonds! Money market funds! All are required, by law, to invest in short-term instruments only.

Three, stick with natural resources. As you can see from our analysis, they have much more upside potential, even if the broad markets fall.

Minimum Investment:
100 Trees
Area per Tree:
10ft x 10ft
Cost for 100 Trees:
US$ 4,500
IRR at 6% yearly price increase:
20% annual
Base Price used per board foot:
US$ 3.00

Notable Excerpts from Financial Experts:
Timber is a near perfect asset.
Real prices for timber have steadily risen for more than 100 years, better performance than any other commodity.
Clients inclined toward socially responsible investing will find even more to like in timber
Timber’s qualifications as a solid alternative investment are too impressive to dismiss.
Compared with oil and gold, for example, whose value can be affected by new finds, ‘we know where all the world’s forests are.

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EcoLogical Investing in Tropical Hardwoods

Combine an increasing demand with a dwindling supply, and prices soar. Such is the case with specialty tropical hardwoods. What better justification for planting them to harvest for profit? Reaping benefits from this disparity is just common sense. Growers make handsome profits by providing quality-minded buyers with highly desirable products — as they do their part to save the natural tropical rain forests.

Growers’ gift to the world will prolong the life of tropical rain forests for generations to come. At the same time, they are growing a secure supply of lumber for their businesses, a secure retirement for themselves, or leaving a legacy for their children’s children or beneficiaries.

Investment and developing an export industry enables economically developing countries to become more self-sustaining.
Writers on the subject of tree farm harvests as a viable investment option have been cited from Smart Money Magazine and Bloomberg Wealth Manager. Both publications advance the multi fold benefits of investing in trees for harvest.
Until the deforestation tide turns, it remains imperative that we must Invest in Tree Plantations.

With increased awareness of tropical rain forest protection circling the globe, those in the trade, environmentalists and governments want an alternative source for tropical hardwoods. The most logical solution to an unwavering demand for specialty hardwoods is to grow them in ecologically sound, sustainable growth forests in professionally managed tree plantations.

Shrinking land availability for supplying an expanding demand for tropical hardwoods like teak and mahogany create favorable economic conditions for growing them. Growers’ harvests help relieve the demand on the rain forests and improve economies and worldwide ecological and cultural awareness — and global health.

A financially savvy investment that respects and even improves the environment truly makes sense. It is a low risk, extremely profitable venture. It cleans air and water, and creates homes for many forest animals. Everyone wins, including all the great-grandchildren yet to be born.