Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of trees can I choose for planting?
2. Do all hardwood species cost the same?
3. When can I expect my first harvest?
4. What is the ROI advantage to planting exotic hardwoods, as opposed to accruing interest from a savings account or CD for 25 years?
5. Must I pay income tax on the increase in value of my trees each year?
6. Can I own trees in my IRA?
7. I might need money before harvest time. Is my cash locked in for the 25-year maturation date?
8. What kind of tax deductions can I expect with my investment in Honduras?
9. How politically stable is Honduras?
10. Are hurricanes a problem in your area?
11. Are forest fires a problem?
12. Will disease or pests damage or destroy my trees?
13. Will too many plantations result in lower prices for my hardwoods?
14. How can I monitor my investment?
15. When are the trees actually planted?
16. Are you cutting down any existing forest to plant your trees?
17. Are you planting any trees that will not be harvested?
18. Other questions?