EcoLogic Tropical Hardwoods is proud to be a part of the Solution to reforest our dwindling tropical rain forests.

We are a team of professional tropical foresters, nursery stewards and technicians who transform the land from agricultural operations back into rain forests. Until several generations ago, the land was covered with tropical rain forest. Then its former owners cleared it to graze cattle or raise crops.

Now, once again, we are covering this land with tropical trees of many different species. This time, however, the trees are carefully selected treasured tropical hardwood species, hand-planted in neat rows, regularly pruned and tended for systematic harvests. Smaller, less robust trees are culled to make room for those superior ones that will be groomed to maturity

We will grow your trees as a safe, high-yield investment.

We will harvest and sell your trees when they are ready for processing.

We grow trees to secure a future supply of lumber for the furniture and woodworking industries.

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Anselmo Hernandez
Foreman, Caretaker

Conrado Espinal

Michael Couture
MBA Business Development since 1983