CABC GROUP is an organization with six main areas of expertise
  • Manufacturing and Sourcing in Central America - Textile - Light Manufacturing - Wood Products - and many Others
  • B2B Export Mall - Sell directly to the retail store - Connect with other Companies for Services
  • Green Energy - Biomass, Bio-Diesel, Vertical Windmills
  • Investments in Central America - Teak and other Tropical Trees - Business Developments - Green Energy - Real Estate
  • BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) - Call Centers - Contact Centers - CRM
  • Publishing for Web and Print

CABC is headquartered in San Pedro Sula, the industrial capital of Honduras. We have offices in Maryland and Texas and we operate a forwarding point in Doral Florida.

If you work with CABC we will hold your hand from the beginning to the finish. We are the most experienced consulting firm in the area.

CABC is respected as the advisor for very attractive investment instruments in Honduras ranging from forestry, green energy, business developments and real estate.


CABC will assist your firm in the following areas.

  • Planning of project.
  • Selecting the most suitable contractor
  • Forming the manufacturing company as a Honduran corporation.
  • Securing the financial resources.
  • Selecting some key personnel for the supervision and labor training.
  • Research of the manufacturing site.
  • Negotiations of the lease for the factory space or planning to build own factory space in a Free Zone.
  • Assembly of local resources and location of materials for production.
  • Shipping of the necessary materials such as tooling, equipment and parts.
  • Acquiring the local materials.
  • Recruiting and training of the local labor force (Management and workers).
  • Starting with the manufacturing of the easiest components. During this period the local labor force will be trained.


CABC will price your project in all of Central America to give its clients the best and most profitable solution. We are non-bias and we are not connected to any manufacturing company.


CABC is the Honduras Representative of:

  • Monforts - A German manufacturer of textile finishing equipment.
  • San Da - A Taiwanese manufacturer of circular knitting machines.

We also maintain a large global list of used textile equipment.

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