Deepwater Megaport Offers Major Advantage


Manufacturers and processors in Honduras can take advantage of the country's deepwater port of Puerto Cortes. As Central America's largest and best equipped port, it is one of Honduras' most valuable resources.

Located on the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Cortes has earned the U.S. government's Container Security Initiative (CSI) and Megaport certifications. It is the only port in the Western Hemisphere to have the Secure Freight Initiative (SFI), meaning all containers passing through the port - 100 percent - are scanned by U.S. Customs officials in Honduras and the United States. The process is fast, efficient, and guarantees that shipments entering the United States meet security requirements and can get to markets quickly.

Two Hours by Air, Two Days by Sea, to the U.S.!


Honduras' proximity to the United States - only two hours away by air and fewer than three days by sea - means we can get products and materials to and from the United States quickly. Free Trade Zones also reduce manufacturing costs and speed delivery to waiting markets.

No duties are levied on any imports entering the zone as long as those products are needed for production, processing, and/or the manufacturing of products for export. All products leaving our plant for export - whether to the United States or any other market outside of Honduras - are duty free as well. The Honduran government also exempts FTZ companies from sales and corporate taxes.


Electricity rates in Honduras are among the most competitive in the region. Electricity and privately generated thermal energy are abundant nationwide, and the government is investing to increase generating capacity.


Honduras…in perfect position for electronic component manufacturing.