Comtronic S.A.

Quality System

Quality Policy

Comtronic S.A. is committed to develop an organizational culture that allows for continuous product improvement and entire customer satisfaction.


Quality Tools

Comtronic has sucessfully implemented the following Quality Tools:


Individuals (X)
Ranges/Moving Ranges
Control Plan (When Required)
8D ( steps to solve a problem)
R&R (Repeatability and Reproducibility)
Capability Statistics.



Quality Objectives


Supply Products which fulfill all the requirements of functioning, safety, reliability, durability and appearance.
Reach a "Quality World Class" for all our products.
Keep the productivity measurement under continous improvement.
Respect to the integrity of all our employees like an indispensable element to change the culture.
Provide enough feedback between our internal and external customers to improve our processes and products.
Keep Our Processes under statistical control in order to prevent potential problems.