Inventory Control

& Purchasing

MRP Integrated system for Inventory Control if required by customer.
Inventory Control section within the materials group to ensure inventory transactions.
IRA: Inventory Record Accuracy @ 96.7% average.
Continuos daily cycle counts on all inventories.
Documented procedures for all inventory transactions to correspond with ISO-9000.
Connectivity via VPN for EDI network with customer for all production plans, inventory records and other transactions.
Shelf life control with data base for all chemicals in use.
FIFO according to applicable procedures.
Safe chemical storage and disposal according to city regulations.
MRB: Materials Review Board meeting to disposition raw materials according to customer procedures.
Freezer and refrigerators in stockroom for proper storage of some chemicals.
Location in stockroom asigned to all inventory: raw materials, chemicals, MRB, NON-NET, receiving area and scrap.
In-line customer supplied material controls is performed by Material Auditors.