Engineering Skills

& Experience

Manufacturing Engineers with years of experience in transformers, inductors and other electronics assemblies manufacturing.
Engineering crew of 15 engineers with diferents backgrounds: Electrical, Industrial and Mechanical.
Problem Analisys and Solving capabilities with 8D Method.
Initial Sample Run (ISR) direction capabilities for product introduction and design confirmation.
New product launch in-line training and ram up capabilities for production implementation.
Line Efficiency analisys, process improvement, time and motion studies and statistical analisys for overall process improvements.
Document control and generation capabilities (english and spanish) for manufacturing methods sheets, labor standard, bill of material, drawings, engineering specifications and documented design changes.
Experiment design and conducting capabilities.
Technical report writing capabilities for customer support and feedback.
Billingual: English and Spanish communication.
Complete 3 Months rotation program for all engineers troughtout the plant to become familiar with most factory department activities.