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For better manageability we are limiting each call center to 110 AP's (Agent Positions). This will allow us to have set-ups in different geographic location maximizing the supply of qualified AP's. It will also help in comparing the centers among each other to maximize its quality of service.

Call Centers Honduras S.A. is a fast growing BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company. Its two founders have a vast and long-term experience in all the aspects of running a successful BPO operation such as:
Provider of Internet telephony in Honduras (line and mobile)
20 years experience in global outsourcing
35 years experience in global marketing and sales

We own the communications hardware all the way to the fiber optic channel accessing the US. This fact gives us immediate access to our engineers to keep the lines running 24/7. We don't have to rely on third party services.

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For info contact: gjm@ca-bc.com